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Living With Purpose (LWP) is a personal ministry of Matthew Dobson. Through the Special Events coordinated by this ministry and through the motivational instruction that Matthew gives LWP exists to give relief from fear, anxiety, insecurity, depression, disappointment, frustration, and failures. With a combination of faith and positive thinking, he offers encouragement in the face of these challenges and Special Events that promote healthy relationships! Matthew is a public speaker and can be scheduled to speak to your organization or small group. He is dedicated to the advancement of positive thinking, positive living, and positive lifestyles.


You have a purpose for living! Let Matthew's inspiring stories help you reach down and find your own purpose for living. As you know, life is hard, but it’s full of joy, hope, and victory! LWP chooses to pursue the positive side of life and all of its potential. Feel free to contact him and schedule him to visit your organization.



Matt Dobson from the small rural town of Jay, Florida, is the only American-born runner to ever win the Walt Disney World Marathon. This record stands in the 20 year history of the Disney Marathon. His winning time in 2004 for 26.2 miles was average of 5:38 per mile!


As a teacher and Army Chaplain, Matt spends his time promoting positive living and positive encouragement to help people who need positive thinking and motivation for life. 

Volume 3: The easily applied messages from the Living With Purpose book series can help people of all ages to conquer personal fears, advance through adversity, process grief, and enhance life in general. Living With Purpose naturally promotes that something positive can ultimately be gained from every life experience. Following the pattern of the previous volumes, this book is a collection of varied topics that provide the reader with some practical ways to march through life victoriously! Each chapter helps you learn how to enjoy a life filled with happiness, love and peace. In this book you will learn how to: · Turn trouble into blessings. · Make right decisions. · Rebuild your life. · Overcome depression. · Escape from temptation. · Practice moderation in all things. · Deal with tragedy, sorrow, and grief. · Keep your kids on your team. · Practice forgiveness. · Invest in quality relationships. · Discover ways to experience true love and joy.

Volume 2: If there's ever been a time in our society where motivation and encouragement was needed, now is the time! This book is a refreshing reminder that life is worth living and there are practical ways that can be used to succeed at it. Each chapter deals with some significant life decision, event, or circumstance you are now facing or will in the future. It's a book about relationships and discovering what it means to be you in the face of challenging circumstances. This book will inspire you, encourage you, and make you want to achieve more in every area of your life. Life lessons are the foundation of everyone's journey. Let the author carry you through simple steps in gaining happiness and putting your life lessons to work to make you a self-confident person. You'll learn how to: * Improve personal and professional relationships * Think positively about your life * Mend a broken heart * Believe in yourself * Overcome distractions and temptations * Improve yourself with second chances * Forgive yourself and let go of guilty feelings. 

Volume 1: With a combination of faith and positive thinking Living With Purpose is a fresh reminder that life is worth living when you apply Christian principles and positive secular ideas to life. This period advances the positive thought pattern that there is a correct solution for all pain, difficulties, and struggles of human existence. The personal stories and principles contained within these pages will help you discover the source of energy for practical, personal, and positive social living.

A book for new teenagers who want to know the truth!

Matthew has written "Spiritual Fitness for Runners" that you can include as a resource to help with your spiritual growth. It's been tailored for runners, but any Christian wanting to grow in their walk with Christ can benefit from this personal Bible study. It's a great book for the Christian athlete!

“Be more than an athlete who happens to be Christian. Be a Christian who happens to be an athlete!” Like running in a footrace, the Christian race of life takes preparation, discipline, endurance, obedience, positive thinking, good coaching, and proper nourishment. Through these seven Bible studies, one a day for a week, you will get to know God in a fresh new way! You’ll also begin to see how He is working in your life. It’s the beginning of an exciting new challenge! This book is intended to serve as a spiritual check-up for Christians and although the theme of this little study book involves talk of athletics and running, it can help any person find their way to the truth that can sustain them through difficult and trying times associated with living. There’s a distinct advantage to the person who trains themselves spiritually; because the athlete who is spiritually fit will be a better performer in the contest. The faith and determination that help Christian athletes finish the race is the same faith that helps them through personal challenges. In life and in death, the spiritually fit Christian finds that only faith can help them experience total victory. You can make your life count for God and the principles in which you believe by reading this book and becoming spiritually fit!

The author, a distance running champion, takes the reader on a journey through various running experiences and applies spiritual truths that seem to shine forth with every step. Why do you run? What's the purpose in lacing up your shoes to go outside or jump on the treadmill and run until you sweat? People are motivated to run for many different reasons. This book explores the reasons why we want to run and the lessons that reveal why we should. Twenty-two chapters will inspire and motivate runners in their pursuit to living life to the fullest. Running With Purpose is a collection of running stories that will uplift you and encourage your faith as you train and run in the race of life. This book will help you grow closer to God and help you learn how to: * Use faith to finish the race. * Overcome your obstacles. * Finish the race with something to show for it. * Win with a plan and flexibility. * Rise to the occasion. * Keep your kids on your team. * Deal with distractions. * Handle injuries to your body and spirit. * Challenge yourself toward improvement. * Use faith in athletics.

Another inspired book written by Matthew to help you understand God better. Each chapter explores some aspect of God's relationship to his highest and most grand and me!

The truth of a Higher Power is the most amazing fact in heaven and on earth! It’s a phenomenon that is an overwhelmingly life changing experience. This unseen power has the force to rush in and breathe new life into your spirit, yet it can enter with a slow, progressive pace and provide you with a peace that can’t come from any other source. It can refresh your soul and remedy the problems of doubt, fear, hate and moral defeat, and weakness. God Almighty is the Higher Power and will bring health, happiness, and goodness, but mostly love. But how can a person have faith in God when they know very little about Him? We need to see God as the Higher Power who desires our collaboration and who will look to us as His people; as partners in the development of a better world. If a nation or group of people advance into the technological age feeling helpless in the presence of poverty, disease, and autocracy they will soon bow their heads in resignation and give up on themselves and God. But if a true understanding of God is pursued, attained, and supported by earthly authorities, hope will once again “rule the day” in hearts and minds. This book can be used in a group or individual study and help you to intentionally weave God’s instructions into your daily walk as you learn, understand, and draw strength from the Higher Power!

     Spiritual battles begin in the mind. It’s a person’s spirit and mind that are closely related and work in tandem with each other. Whoever can win their spiritual battles will find themselves rising above the circumstances that cause so many to stumble and fail. Our best defense in spiritual battles is the assurance of salvation in Jesus Christ. When a person has a confident belief they’re a member of God’s army, and because they trust Him, no other spiritual force can take that away.

This book has been written for the Christian who’s serious about taking control of their life and gaining an advantage over everything evil. The first part of the book defines what Spiritual Warfare is, why it exists, and how long we can expect to do battle. The second half of the book explains the seven Rules of Spiritual Warfare and how it can enable a person to recognize and formulate a viable strategy against evil.

     My reason for writing this book is to help guide you through the Spiritual Warfare that you’ve been born into. Here are the five goals you are going to accomplish while reading this book:

  1. Understand the enemy and his strategy.
  2. Acknowledge that Spiritual Warfare is real.
  3. Respond to God correctly and cooperate with Him.
  4. Renew your mind and keep a confident spirit.
  5. Advance the Kingdom and experience God’s victory.

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